Our Story

Having a lifelong fascination with the wilderness and all of the creatures that call it home. Michael and his family observed their first wild buffalo while visiting Yellowstone Park, MT in 2004. Taken by the incredible story of survival and amazed by the gigantic size and uniqueness of bison, so began a wild dream to one day help restore bison to the American west. In 2018 that dream became a reality. We acquired our first bison herd and set them out to roam on the North Bridger Bison Ranch in the foothills of the Bridger mountains in the Shields River Valley of Montana.


Why Raise Bison?

At the time of the first European contact bison numbers were estimated to be greater than 30 million animals roaming throughout North America.  In the late 1800’s owing to indiscriminate slaughter and diseases introduced by European livestock the wild bison populations in North America were decimated to the brink of extinction. A handful of ranchers, conservationists and entrepreneurs saved the bison, and so began the long road to recovering the species.

Today we estimate there are slightly less than 400,000 animals in North America. We believe there is a strong correlation between successfully restoring bison to their natural range and increasing the market value of bison.