Big Sky Bison is a Montana LLC and is the operating entity for our bison ranching and production activities.

Beginning in 2018 with a top-quality breeding herd located on the North Bridger Bison Ranch, in Montana’s beautiful Shields River Valley.

We only procure animals with top quality genetics that are proven to perform on natural grass range land.

Our long-term vision is to expand the Big Sky Bison herd(s) to become an industry leading producer of naturally grass-fed Bison by 2028.

Our Mission

To contribute and participate in a meaningful way to the bison production industry and do our part to restore the magnificent bison to their natural habitat in the west.

Our Philosophy

We believe in low stress bison handling and support conservation, protection and the recovery of bison.  We believe the demand for deliciously healthy bison meat and bison products is the key to preserving the species.

Our Commitment

Big Sky Bison is committed to raising bison as naturally as possible.  Our bison are grass fed on range land, the way nature intended, to produce flavorful and deliciously healthy meat.