Herd Management Strategy
We have utmost respect for our animals and we focus on low stress bison handling methods.  All animals are sourced from ranches that place an emphasis on natural grass-fed performance.

We purchase top quality breeding bulls from outside herds to add genetic diversity to our herd. Our heifers are retained until two years old, to allow us to see which animals can really perform in this natural grass-fed environment.

We believe exceptional animals and bison products begin with exceptional genetics.  We are driven to constantly improving the genetics of our herds and expect top performance from all animals.  We implement a strict performance standard to all animals that we keep in our herds.

Herd Growth Strategy
Based out of beautiful Big Sky, MT we are actively pursuing custom grazing opportunities throughout Montana.

We will grow our herd by acquiring top-quality heifers and cows from leading producers and introduce new genetics from award winning bulls sourced from select ranches.  We are targeting a 15:1 ratio of cows to bulls in our herd.

Our goal is to scale operations to 1,000 head of cows, producing 900 top quality calves annually by 2028.